Residents react to fatal crash in Southeast Austin

Two people are dead after an early morning crash in southeast Austin.

It happened just after 6:30 Wednesday morning at a busy intersection and it has left many in the area asking for an investigation

Bryce Ramsey woke up Wednesday morning thinking it would be like any other day. That's all until he arrived at work.

"I saw my boss flag me in and then we got through and the road was empty except for people walking around and there were obviously two bodies in the road," said Ramsey, Store Manager, American Bolt.

Two people were hit and killed along the intersection of promontory point drive and Burleson road, an area Ramsey says is heavy with traffic and frequented by the homeless.

"It happened again. We see people cross this road all the time. They drive too fast on this road and it wasn't surprising that someone finally got hit, and it was extremely unfortunate to see two people get hit," said Ramsey.

Austin Police say two cars were involved in the accident and the early morning hour could have been a factor in the two people's demise.

"It was early in the morning, it was dark, those conditions probably contributed to it. Other than that, we don't know any more than what we know now," said Cpl. Steven Krippner, APD.

Ramsey says after all this time he is not surprised by the deaths of the two people, he considers it a chance for all to reevaluate crossing the roads and driving in dark hours.

"It's more of a wake-up call. Let's not walk in the road, wear some lights at night, something," said Ramsey.

Many employees in the area mention that there is a homeless camp nearby.

Police have not released any information of the identities.