Residents want more security after Northeast Austin murder

Austin Police say the Windsor Park Neighborhood where a woman was recently murdered has become a problematic area for them.

As police look for the suspect, residents are asking for enhanced safety and have reached out to FOX 7 for help.
Detectives are still interviewing witnesses, hoping they can find the person responsible for shooting and killing a woman Monday night. They don't want anyone else put in danger.

Day in and day out, residents fear for their safety. They say they don't know who to turn to.

"Nobody cares about this place. Nobody cares," says Lisa Flores, resident.

"Somebody had to get shot in order for them to come out. It's just sad," say Teri Guajardo, previous manager. 

Teri Guajardo was previously a property manager at the apartment complex where 38-year-old Maria Ferrer-Mena was murdered.            

She has seen it all.

"Fighting, smoking in the laundry room, people smoking crack, prostitution, stabbings on property. It has gotten to the point where we feared our own lives to live here," says Guajardo.

Lisa Flores has lived at Mueller Place Apartments for only four months and already wants to move. She says there are dangers everywhere, sending us photos to show what's going on as the roof is being repaired.      

"About eight extension cords coming from the roof, going over the balcony, going down to the generator. There's not one cone, one warning sign, any type of florescent to say hazardous," says Guajardo.

Her biggest concern is for the kids.

"I see kids walking around doing drugs at nine and ten years old. Nine and ten years old and it's heartbreaking," says Flores.

FOX 7 spoke with the management, Property Society, on Wednesday. They took over the complex about six months ago and sent us this statement: "We were very shocked and saddened to learn of the recent incident at our community. Our condolences are with the victim's friends and family during this difficult time and we offer our full support to law enforcement."

They've also said they are looking at improving safety measures - considering installing cameras and possibly a security guard. 

"I really hope they're going to do what they say they're going to do. Believe me, I'm going to stay on top of it," says Flores.

Homicide detectives continue trying to track down the suspect. They also hope Mueller Place Apartments will install security cameras again, which would be helpful if any other crime occurs.

We looked up the apartment complex address and according to the Austin Police Department, they have been called to the area at least 68 times over the past year.

The suspect is an Hispanic male, 5'8 to 6'0 feet and skinny build.

He was last seen wearing a grey hooded sweatshirt and black basketball shorts.