Rosenberg man speaks after he and his wife were injured when an SUV crashed into Denny's dining room

FOX spoke with a man who was sitting inside of Denny's in Rosenberg when an SUV came crashing into the dining room. 

Roy Rodriguez was inside the Denny's off the Southwest Freeway; he and his wife were enjoying a Labor Day meal when an SUV crashed through the building and landed in the dining area. 

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"I heard a bang bang. I said somebody's shooting in here, and all of a sudden everything was on the table, the car was right there, right next to us," Rodriguez explained. 

The impact sent tables, glass, and chairs flying across the room, and the wreck injured 23 people in total.

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Roy found himself trapped under a table; his wife was stuck in a booth. 

"Someone came and helped my wife; she couldn't get out, and they had to get me out because there was stuff down there. I couldn't clear my feet," he recalled.

His wife suffered a deep cut to her leg and doctors say it may be broken. Roy has several deep cuts on his arm and needed stitches. 

Rosenberg police say some of the victims injured were as young as 12-years-old. FOX 26 spoke with one woman, who says her 16-year-old nephew and his parents are in bad shape; with broken ribs and pelvic injuries, but police say everyone is expected to survive. 

At this time, Rosenberg police say they don't believe alcohol played a role in the crash. 

This is an ongoing investigation.