Round Rock drivers take advantage of temporary $1.49 gas price

When was the last time you paid under $2 for your gas?

Drivers in Round Rock did just that this morning.

A long line of cars crowded the 7-11 station on La Frontera Blvd. after the store advertised gas at just $1.49.

"How does it feel coming out getting $1.49 gas?"

"Well as I'm driving by I saw the police I said something's going on over there and a guy's going, this right here," said Jack Felger, driver.

Buying gas, it's something we all have to do, so when it's sold cheap, expect a crowd.

It was so busy police blocked off parts of the street, and attendants had to direct cars to pumps, as if operating a parking lot.

Back in the winter, gas hit lows everywhere, with some prices in certain states below the two dollar mark.

The treat at 7-11 only lasted from 10:00 a.m. until noon, but customers took advantage while they could.

"The price is great," said Kelvin Bell, driver.

The low prices were all a part of an advertising campaign for a new system the store has installed. When asked why they chose the low price they say it was just a general decision.

For $25, I put 17 gallons, and that is about, definitely half of what I've usually paid, so I am thrilled to death.

This low price was arranged by 7-11 and Wayne Fueling systems. They are bringing awareness to their new card reading and dispensing system, which is the first of its kind in the area.