Round Rock man to spend Christmas at home after 348-day hospital stay

Seeing your great-granddaughter in person, a decorated Christmas tree, the sound of laughter among loved ones are simple pleasures some might take for granted. 

However, for Round Rock man Armando Gamez, they have new meaning. "He was ready to come home," said Armando’s daughter, Christina Diaz.

Armando spent 348 days in the hospital after being hospitalized due to COVID-19 complications in January. 

The past year was an emotional roller coaster for the family. They didn’t know when - or if - he would ever come home. Tuesday, Armando was finally released, welcomed home by four generations.

"Our kids were here, the grandkids, and he had a smile from ear to ear, just so excited when he pulled up and they had their signs for him," said daughter Rachel Herrera.

Getting home was complicated. It meant installing a hospital bed, learning how to work his breathing machine and feeding tube, and learning what medication he needed. His dressing needs to be changed out daily, and he can’t bathe without help.

Thursday afternoon, the family was working on building a cart so that Armando could move around with his machines. "He’s completely assisted for every single thing he has to have done," said Diaz. "It’s still a long road, a long battle to fight."

But at least, now, it’s a road that Armando and his family aren’t walking alone. "We’re blessed to have him home, blessed to have him alive," said Diaz. "This is our Christmas miracle."  

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