Round Rock Police Department honors doctor for coming to officer's aid

Round Rock is honoring a Central Texas doctor for stopping to help an officer who was hit by car last February. Unfortunately, Officer Charles Whites would later die from his injuries two months later.

Police say the doctor's quick and selfless act allowed enough time for friends and family to say their goodbyes. “The police are out there every day the least I could do was help him when he needed some help,” said Dr. Robert Cinclair, a doctor who came to the aid of an officer hit by a car.

It was an emotional Thursday in Round Rock as the city honored a doctor for his selfless act on February 25 2018. “Out of the corner of my eye I saw a car coming up pretty quickly and struck Officer Whites,” said Dr. Cinclair.

Round Rock Officer Charles Whites was hit by a car while directing traffic around a crime scene.

“Knew I needed to go help,” said Cinclair. Dr. Cinclair's efforts opened Officer Whites' airway allowing him to breathe again. While Officer Whites would succumb to his injuries two months later this allowed friends and family to be with him.

“There were lots of times where we couldn't talk to Charles so we got to share stories and made it feel like he was there with us shared funny things, happy accounts, sad accounts,” said Connie Whites, Officer Whites’ widow.

On Thursday, the city and the police department honored Dr. Cinclair with the Heroism Award.

Connie Whites was also there to thank a man who she says chose not to stay on the sidelines. “He didn’t have to stop and do what he did he wasn't required by law this was a selfless act,” said Whites.

It also turns out this isn't the first time Connie Whites and Dr Cinclair met. “I worked in the operating room at Seaton for quite a few years and occasionally worked with Dr. Cinclair,” said Whites.

While Dr Cinclair is honored to receive the awarded, he wishes the incident would have never happened in the first place. Dr Cinclair urges everyone to go out and learn first aid because you'll never know when that information will come in handy.



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