Round Rock school board taking second look at new zoning proposals

Some parents in Round Rock are up in arms about school district rezoning proposals.

In an effort to fill up a brand new middle school, the district drew up some new boundaries and parents say it's infringing on their children's educational experiences.

After some pressure the board decided to remove some schools from rezoning consideration.

The reason for these proposed new boundaries is because of the opening of brand new Pearson Ranch Middle to relieve other schools at or over capacity.

The board hired a demographer out of Dallas to look at data and rezone Canyon Vista, Hopewell, Hernandez, Grisham and Ridgeview middle schools. Parents from those areas who did not want their kids to move showed up in droves and the board changed their minds.

There are still some unhappy parents like Becky Stark who wants her kids to go to Walsh but will be going to Chisholm Trail if the proposal passes.

“If we were to go to Chisholm Trail we now have to cross 620 which everybody knows is a big headache for Round Rock and it's going to double or triple our time,” said Stark.

“We are very excited to have our school's changes removed so our existing attendance boundaries will remain as they were which was our entire goal from the beginning,” said Leslie Dadikakis. Her kids would be attending Hernandez Middle School if they had to go by the new boundaries.

There will be two more meetings before the board will take action on the issue in November.