Runaway horse ruins Minneapolis couple's romantic evening

A romantic horse and carriage ride through downtown Minneapolis took a dangerous turn when the driver got knocked off the horse and it took off, along with its carriage carrying two passengers.

"It started off a beautiful evening, everything was perfect," Prince Depratto said of the night’s romantic beginning with his wife Karen. "After that incident, it definitely ruined the night.”

The incident, which might be funny if it wasn't so dangerous, took place while the couple was on Nicollet Island celebrating the marriage.

"The carriage ride was going to be the capper of the evening," Prince said.

The turn in the evening came quickly after a horse from a nearby carriage broke free, and the driver that was taking the Depratto’s for their ride, decided to give chase. While trying to chase down the runway horse the Depratto’s carriage hit a curb, causing their driver to be thrown to the ground.

That left the Deprattos with a tough choice: jump or be at the mercy of a loose horse.

"His first reaction was, ‘babe’ and I said I know I'm gonna jump,” Karen said.

Karen jumped first, then Prince.

"I hit the ground feet first and I tucked and I rolled," Prince said.

When the dust settled Prince knew something was wrong. Before long it was clear his ankle and heel were broken. As the ambulance wheeled Prince away, he snapped a picture of a different sort.

"I believe at the time we made the best decision for us to make it out with our lives still intact."

The couple says this was their first and last carriage ride.

They, along with their lawyer, say their medical expenses are mounting and the carriage company needs to make it right.

The Hitching Company tells Fox 9 they carry a special insurance policy for the rare event of an accident. They are currently working with the Deprattos to make sure Prince's injuries and related expenses are addressed. The company says in their more than 20 year history, this is their first ever accident.