RV flips onto truck following storm in Jarrell

RVs in Jarrell took a hit during Thursday's storm and one was completely flipped over because of the strong winds.

“The storm was very wild and crazy,” said Bob Wisner who lives in Jarrell.

Garage doors were blown open, trailers were pushed off their jacks, and one trailer right next to Wisner's RV was blown completely over. Thankfully no one was inside. “I immediately went out to check that nobody was in the trailer, I was banging on the trailer,” said Wisner.

The storm was so loud and windy Wisner said the we’re going to find somewhere else besides their RV to take cover. “My wife said where’s the safety place in an RV and I said my truck,” said Wisner.


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Unfortunately, the trailer had flipped right onto Wisner's truck. “Got some major dent but it seems to drive just fine, haven’t took it out on the road yet but so far so good,” said Wisner.

Towing crews turned the RV right side up and off Wisner’s truck, a process that took less than an hour. “That trailer would have collided with the front half of our trailer and it probably would have been very ugly we were very fortunate,” said Wisner on how his truck stopped the RV from crashing into his own.


According to fire crews on scene, no injuries were reported from the storm, something Wisner is grateful for. “Get some repairs done and I’ll think we’ll be fine,” said Wisner.