San Marcos police: arrest man they believe is an online predator

San Marcos police said they have arrested a man who they believe is an online predator.

Investigators knew the man they were looking for was registered on a popular dating site called "plenty of fish."

This is the profile picture of John Wesley Mcree, who was allegedly clamming to be a San Antonio fireman by the name of Dylan Ericsson. To catch him detectives decided to go fishing. They created their own account and set up a date.

"Its' not at all an indictment of the site, or any other on line dating site, but rather the behavior of one particular  individual," said Chief Stapp.

Mcree's new profile picture is now a mug shot. He is accused of meeting with a woman at her apartment and putting a drug into her wine. Investigators said instead of having sex the woman, she got sick and had to be rushed to the hospital. Now police Chief Chase Stapp wants to know if Mcree has tried this with other women.
"It's been our experience in crimes such as this is a pattern of behavior for the person not just one isolated incident so its likely there could be other victims," said Chief Stapp.

Investigators said Mcree's alleged criminal activity is not limited just to San Marcos or just to dating sites.

Mcree, according to court records, has not only gone by the name of Dylan Ericsson but also by Richard Dustin Jessop. He has arrest warrants issued in Travis, Hays, Bastrop and Caldwell counties on charges of theft, fraud and identify theft. A man who was certainly wanted but not in the way he apparently intended.

"Generally he will face ours first but there are processes in place by which he can go from one county to another while he is awaiting trial on a more serious charge, so he may be shuffled around at some point," said Chief Stapp.

Mcree's criminal history also includes a drunk driving arrest and a theft of property charge. Bond on his current assault charge is set at $300,000 dollars.