Santa Fe hits home for veteran of helping mass shooting victims heal

Santa Fe is Jack Williams' home. 

"It’s horrible, it’s just tough," said Williams when asked about the shooting that took the lives of eight students and two teachers.

"I meet a lot of the parents at these things," added Williams. He's referring to the memorials that have been set up outside of Santa Fe High School to pay tribute to the lives lost.

For eighteen years, Williams has been traveling all over the country, making special candles for the victims of mass shootings. He says he has been to Sandy Hook, Orlando, Las Vegas and the Texas town of Sutherland Springs.

It’s just this time, the shooting happened in his hometown.

As Santa Fe High School students try to understand why the lives of their friends and classmates ended so tragically, Williams is hard at work, to honor those lives lost with the help of local military veterans. 

"I don’t put a 'died-on' date because it’s more about, when I do meet the families and stuff, it’s more about this," said Williams. "Don’t focus on the day, but the life that they lived before this day because they had a good life."