Scholz Garten turns 150

Scholz Garten is turning 150 this year. Workers celebrated with a toast over the weekend at the establishment which is known as one of the top three oldest bier gartens in the country and the longest continuously operating business in Austin.

A German immigrant named August Scholz opened the garten in 1866.

In honor of the 150th birthday, an Austoberfest was held. The event focused on the history of place and featured sausage, beer tastings, music and German competitions. 

Bret Britton, Vice President of Saengerrunde Maennerchor, said, "I think it's very easy to live in a city like Austin, and sort of flip from new bar or new restaurant to new party or new concert, and so to have something like this to have survived as long as it has and to be able to be a part of a community event like this where we are able to share that history and those traditions with all kinds of new people, show them what's going on here."

This was the fourth anual Austoberfest. 

You can get more information about Scholz Garten here.