Secure lockdown lifted for Rockdale ISD schools following threat

All Rockdale ISD campuses were placed on a "secure lockdown" Tuesday afternoon following a threat.

According to the school district, during lunch at Rockdale Junior High, a student air-dropped a photo of a threat to several other students' phones. Those students shared the message with campus administrators who then contacted district administration.

Rockdale police were notified, and all campuses were placed on "Secure Lockout." Secure lockouts were put into place to make sure no one could enter or exit the campus buildings while the police investigated this threat. 

"The police responded to our call immediately and began making a plan to identify the students involved. Our students were all very cooperative which allowed the police and administration to complete the investigation as quickly as possible," the school district stated.

All information has been turned over to the Rockdale Police Department to complete the criminal investigation.