Security at Sun Bowl Stadium in El Paso for Pope Francis

Thousands of El Pasoans decided to come to the Papal Mass event at the Sun Bowl Stadium. 

"This is history and we want to part of it, it doesn't feel the same when you are not in a large crowd", said Manuel Rosas, a Sun Bowl attendee. "It's different than sitting at home and watching by yourself."



The entire city was shut down on Wednesday, including the roads on and around the border, while Pope Francis was on the other side of the fence, during his day long trip to Juarez. 

"We just couldn't travel to Juarez with this special groupthat we have here with our Catholic Church here," says Cornelio Garibay, another Sun Bowl attendee. 

This group of 75 still drove the hour and a half, even though they will only see the Pontiff on screen. 

And security is tight at the Sun Bowl too. A constant military like presence lurking around every corner. 

The city of El Paso decided to hot the event at the Sun Bowl Stadiu because officials thought it would be too much of a security risk to allow people to crowd along the border. 



In Mexico though, it's a different story.

The crowd met in Morelia were scolded after they pulled Pope Francis into the crowd.