Security cameras alert Jarrell family to car break in

Some Jarrell homeowners are attributing their security system for alerting them to a break-in. Their cameras captured a person getting into one of their cars In the driveway.

"It was definitely unsettling and I feel a little violated," said the family who wished to remain anonymous. They said they were getting ready for bed Tuesday evening when they got a security alert.

"We were just kind of watching tv and I got an alert on my phone saying that someone was in our driveway," the family said.

The cameras captured a person walking up to one of their cars and trying to open it, before moving on to the next one. For the next car, they’re able to get inside and search around a bit. 

The owners then go outside and confront the person and the person then runs away.

Police responded shortly after, and in the end, nothing was stolen. 

"First of all, I do my best to not leave anything valuable in there thankfully and second of all I don’t think he had enough time. My glove compartment was open and stuff was moved around but from what I could tell he didn’t take anything," said the family.

The family checked their security footage and they found what appears to be the same person walking through the neighborhood not once but twice earlier in the evening. They said they can’t recommend enough the importance of having security cameras. 

"Even in small towns it happens. It gives you an overall sense of security and comfort it’s definitely helpful because we never would have known what was going on had we not had it," the family said.

The Texas Department of Public Safety recommends you have a daily routine where you lock your cars as well as your homes, they call it the "9 PM Routine". Officials advise people to do the following:

  • Lock your vehicle
  • Lock the doors and entries to your home
  • Close your garage door
  • Take all valuables out of your vehicle
  • Check to see that gates to your property are locked
  • Turn on exterior lights