Self-defense with everyday objects

Dozens of women spent some of their Saturday afternoon in a self-defense class learning how to defend themselves with everyday items such as shoes, keys and even water bottles.

The special class was held at Cabela's in Buda during the store's annual Fall Ladies Day Out event. It was free of charge.

Instructor Auristela Moctezuma, of Stela Tactical, has been a self-defense instructor for five years and says defense classes help prepare women how to not be victims. She says sometimes the only things you may around you to protect yourself are everyday items.

“If you are walking around and you have a water bottle and somebody comes and approaches you,” instructor Auristela Moctezuma said, “and they start to become a little more 'into your space' you can use that as a weapon.”

“You can use credits cards or hotel room card keys,” Moctezuma said, “cup them in your hand and you can swing it and you can actually cut that person.”

Christy Nunnally attended Saturday’s class. Nunnally is a stay-at-home mom said she has taken several self-defense classes to not only protect herself from any potential threats but also her son.

“Just being able to defend yourself without a gun is just as important as with a gun,” Nunnally said, “because there are situations where you just may not have that kind of access to defend yourself.”

Experts say the best defense you can ever have is being aware of your surroundings. They say your instincts are never something to ignore.