Serial package thief or thieves hitting Highland neighborhood

Marty Bowers has been dealing with stolen packages for the last four months.

“The first one was, I’m going to say October of last year, maybe a little earlier than that. Then another one happened about a month ago and then another one a couple of days ago,” said Bowers.

He caught all three on camera.

“It's caught them every time, but whether or not it's led to someone getting caught by police, no it's never once happened,” said Bowers.

His first video shows a man in a red shirt. The second, a person in a hoodie. The latest one from just days ago shows a woman grabbing a package.

An anonymous neighbor gave Fox 7 this video of what could be the same woman from Bowers' video, pulling up in a red pickup and swiping another package at a different house.

“According to other people, it hasn't happened to me, but it looks like it's from 12 to 2 p.m. In our neighborhood we know that's around the time Fedex and Amazon drivers drop off during the day,” said Ryan Rutan, who lives in the Highland area.

He has lived in the neighborhood for 12 years and is active in his community. He says residents have been vocal on the topic and will be on the lookout for anything suspicious

“It's not like a pitchforks and torches posse or anything like that but it's like everyone is contributing their time,” said Rutan.

Just Friday afternoon, Rutan took a drive around the neighborhood looking for anything odd.

“My wife and I, we both work from home so we have the ultimate protection and we have two dogs that warn us whenever anyone walks in front of our house,” said Rutan.

“I had a little extra time so I said I'm going to go and just keep an eye out,” said Rutan.

Austin police say right now, the woman looks to be working alone, but Bowers thinks some other people must be possibly involved. His camera is capturing different people.

“Since this is happening in our neighborhood pretty regularly, we need more patrols,” said Bowers.

If you have any information, call the Austin Police Department.