Skunks running rampant at Alief apartment complex

Residents who live in building 13 at the Oaks at Ashford Point Apartments believe a family of skunks is living underneath their building.

"Once I wrote a note to the front office, they informed me that it was skunks," said resident Ryan Gates. "They have a dwelling underneath this building they are spraying and it's coming up into every single unit."

"It's very bad because you can smell that smell throughout the apartments," said resident Michael Sanders. "You've got to stay a certain distance away from them or they'll spray you."

"I'm scared to come outside sometimes because I don't know if I'm going to get sprayed by a skunk," White said. "I've never been sprayed by a skunk, but my son and my dog have."

"When I came out of the house they ran across the doorstep they sprayed my dog in the face and it got on me too," said White's son Anthony Byron.


Residents say they're not blaming apartment management for the problem, but they say they've been smelling skunk for about three months and it's getting a little unnerving.

"People at work ask me why I smell like a skunk my dad told me I stunk up his car," Gates said. "We can't even have people over."

The apartment manager we talked to said they are aware of the problem and have trapped one of the skunks.

The manager blamed a nearby business for not disposing of trash properly, giving the skunks good reason to stick around.