Slope next to Round Rock apartment complex is breaking away

The slope next to a Round Rock apartment complex is breaking away. Residents of Lone Oak were urged to leave while repairs are made. 

Safety and code officials from Round Rock returned to the Lone Oak apartment complex Friday to get an update on slope stabilization efforts.

The hillside, which is directly next to a multi unit building, was cut into by a construction crew that's working on an adjacent property. City officials say the project is being done by Duke Inc out of Dallas. It was determined that there was no immediate threat to public safety according to Will Hampton with the City of Round Rock.

"What we told them was, this situation needs to be dealt with "immediately."

The slope started giving away after recent rains. One section has only about 10 feet of solid ground that's left separating the apartment foundation and the drop off.

"We watched it progressively, you know go down hill  ... metaphorically and literally, but especially in the last week we have watched it disintegrate before our eyes," said resident Jillian Wilson.

Site managers sent residents a letter suggesting if they wanted to evacuate, rooms were available at a local motel. It was also promise lodging expenses would be reimbursed.

A  resident, who asked not to be identified was among those who decided to stay, but said it was not a restful night. "I did not sleep well."

Lone Oak is operated by the Fogelman Management Group which is based in Memphis. In a statement provided to FOX 7, company officials said they are working with consultants to make sure their building remains stable.

With more rain in next week's forecast, there's not much time to fix the problem.

"We'll have fire fighters,and fire inspectors and building inspectors will be out there to monitor the situation until it gets, until it looks like its been resolved satisfactorily," said Hampton.

If not repaired in a timely manner it's unclear if the city will issues any fines or citations.