So Florida: Massive alligator crushes through metal fence at Florida golf course

It's a competition no one asked for – how would a metal fence fair against an alligator? Easy answer – it doesn't, and the alligator definitely wins! But, the video is awesome to watch.

Eric Dagg told Storyful that he works at the Coral Creek Club golf course in Charlotte County, Florida, which is northwest of Fort Myers, where he recently saw a massive alligator making its way along a cart path. At some point, the alligator tried to make its way through a fence along the golf course.

At first, it appears the alligator considers his options, meticulously deciding out which sent of bars to go between. He slowly places is snout in between a pair of poles and in seconds – bam! – he forced his head and two legs through, as his body bends the poles with seeming ease.

A few seconds later, the gator has a slightly more difficult time getting his rear legs through the fence until Dagg's brother goes in to assist.

"The gator eventually got a little stuck and my brother tried to help get his legs through the fence," he told Storyful. Video shows Dagg's brother try to open the fencing a bit further, while also seemingly trying to help push the gator through.

Alligators are part of life in Florida with an estimated 1.3 million living in the state – in marshes, ponds, lakes, pools, and swamps – in all 67 counties. 

Last week, an 11-foot, 400-pound alligator was found in a woman's pool in Stone Island, Florida. Officials believe the alligator busted through the patio screen and soon found itself in the pool.

While alligator attacks are considered to be rare by the FWC, they do happen, especially when an alligator feels provoked or during the spring breeding season.

Recently, a man was bitten by an alligator that was at his front door. The man heard a noise and opened his front door to investigate and suddenly an alligator bit his thigh, police said. An alligator trapped was called and killed the alligator, which is standard procedure under the state's Nuisance Alligator program.

Tragically, an 85-year-old Florida woman was killed after an alligator pulled her into a pond while she was out on a walk with her dog. Officials said the alligator went after the dog which caused the lady to fall, and then pulled the woman into the lake.

FWC: Alligator safety tips for Floridians

  • Never feed an alligator
  • Keep pets away from water's edge
  • Swim during the day and in designated areas
  • If you see an alligator, keep you distance