South Austin homeowners demand city do something about "dangerous roadway" after car crashes into their home

Homeowners in South Austin are demanding action from the city after a car crashed into their home over the weekend.

Brandon and Kim Batian Sila say this is the third time something like this has happened to them. Now, they want the city to do something about what they say is a dangerous roadway.

The couple lives along Battle Bend Boulevard. and said overnight on Friday, a vehicle crashed into their parked car, then crashed into their home. Damage to the home includes the garage being boarded up, stones from the house on the ground, and a car from the garage knocked into the dining room.


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Brandon and Kim said they are thankful that they had a parked car in the way to prevent even more damage. "I don't want anyone else to have to deal with the emotional fear that your loved one is in harm’s way," said Brandon.  

They say this has now happened to them three times since living along the road, and to multiple other homeowners as well.

"The two cars I lost, now make three cars totaled since I’ve lived in this residence," Brandon added.


The couple said a few years back the city added speed bumps and speed islands on the road before the curve in front of their home, but they don’t believe that is enough.

"We feel there should be something in front of the turns coming in both directions so we are not having to fortify our houses to protect our families," said Brandon.

They added they are planning on writing to the city demanding more action to be taken.