South Austin parents worried about dangerous bus stop

South Austin parents are worried about a dangerous school bus stop in their neighborhood. The stop sits on busy Manchaca Road near Sedgemoor Trail. 

The stop does double-duty as a school bus stop and a CapMetro stop. On the other side of the street, a CapMetro stop also serves as a bus stop. Neighbors say that stop faces similar problems. 

On Wednesday, Heather Pedigo and her husband waited at the stop for their daughter, 14. 

“Because I’m so afraid that somebody's not gonna stop and a kid's gonna get hurt.” Heather Pedigo said.

Pedigo shared a number of videos of close calls at the stop. In each video, one or more cars fly past a stopped bus. 

“It is impossible. The cars don’t stop. It’s a really busy intersection to have a bus stop in the first place,” she said. 

Down the street, Sarah Brewer waited at home for her daughter Jayden, 12, to return. 

“A lot of these cars they just keep going like they don’t slow down or stop,” she said. 

For Brewer, the situation is even more intense -- she is visually impaired. 

“Drivers have to see me, I don’t see them,” she said. 

Brewer's daughter Jayden is also visually impaired. 

“She has more sight than me, but she is also going blind," Brewer said. "It freaks me out you know she does the best she can and you know if the drivers don’t pay attention that’s just catastrophe.” 

On Wednesday, Jayden was the first student off the school bus and at least one car blew past it. 

“I mean, these are children's lives you’re talking about," Pedrigo said. "You know, you would not want to go home and find out your child is gone because of somebody else not stopping.”

How to get people to stop seems to be the big question. 

The Pedigos say they’ve tried reaching out local law enforcement but haven’t had much luck. So for now, they spend their afternoons out on the sidewalk. 

FOX 7 Austin has reached out to the Austin Police Department, we will update this story with their response.