Special local support groups being held to help people deal with recent violence across the nation

(YWCA Austin)

Angry, sad, confused, fearful, just some of the many emotions people are feeling from the recent incidents of violence across the country.  Something many may not know how to cope with and a local non-profit is hoping to help.  The YWCA in Austin is holding special support groups Monday and Tuesday.

“A lot of times we isolate ourselves when these sorts of issues happen, again we don't know who to talk to, who's safe to talk to about this” Laura Gomez-Horton is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker, and Clinical Director for the YWCA, she said with these types of events, we have to go through a grieving process. “There's a lot of loss of innocence. There's a lot of loss of change in our world view and I think with every event that occurs that there is a violent event where people feel traumatized by it, whether it was directly to them or they are watching it through TV or social media, every event affects us and the only way to start moving forward is to start talking about it,” she said,

The YWCA has been dedicated to eliminating racism, empowering women and promoting peace, justice, freedom and dignity for all for the last 110 years. Angela-Jo Touza-Medina is the Executive Director for the YWCA, “We could not just stand back and not provide a space for individuals to process what has gone on.” She said all ages and races are welcome to attend the support groups.  “People can talk openly and be heard and connect with others where their feelings might resonate, but also people’s feelings that might not resonate, but where you can also come to a point of understanding,” she said.

Understanding and acknowledging each other’s pain and where it comes from something Gomez-Horton said needs to happen for all of us to move forward. “You know it's not all officers and it's not all African Americans, or any other populations, it's a human thing. We have to come together as humans and talk and acknowledge that we create hurt, and just as we create hurt, we can create healing.”

There will be two sessions at 12pm and 6pm on Monday, July 10th and Tuesday July 11th. For more information you can click here.