Spikes seen in Austin COVID-19 complaint dashboard

Graphs online with the Austin code COVID-19 complaint dashboard show spikes in complaints throughout March, April, and the late part of June. The highest day of complaints being recorded, March 28 with 135 complaints. 

The dashboard is broken down into the type of complaints, where it took place and the outcome.

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For example, this weekend, Friday and Saturday combined, there were 24 social distancing complaints, 57 face-covering complaints, and 13 over-occupancy complaints. 

It also shows you whether a citation was given, a warning or quote "COVID-19 education" was provided" 

Mayor Steve Adler said in an interview on FOX 7 that in order to combat COVID-19 and how quickly it is spreading, people need to change their behaviors. "If we can change our behavior now, maybe we can change and turn the trajectory and it won't be as challenging."

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Adler said with Austin's current trajectory, without any change, surges could overwhelm hospitals in two weeks. "We're preparing for surges, we're preparing for contingencies," he said.  

Adding that even though Texas is among the states with the lowest death rates, "Even with a lower death rate if we have a trajectory we are looking at a couple of thousand people who will die before this is over and I am concerned about that."

Saying a stay-at-home order isn't off the table either. "We would make good use of the time, but even with that - it is the last resort."



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