Stonypoint High School temporary employee charged with sexual assault

The Round Rock Police Department arrested a temporary worker from Stony Point High School on Wednesday. 

Tyrell Lee VanWinkle, 22, was charged with sexual assault of a child and two counts of possession of child pornography, according to an arrest affidavit. This comes after reports of alleged inappropriate relationships with students.

VanWinkle worked temporarily with the school's drama and debate program. 

After an internal investigation conducted by the school VanWinkle was removed from his temporary position and terminated. 

In the course of the investigation police found that VanWinkle had relationships with three female students. One 16-year-old student filed a report against VanWinkle claiming he had made sexual comments toward her and sent her sexually explicit photographs. 

While investigating accusations investigators learned that VanWinkle had relationships with two other female students. Both students told investigators that they exchanged sexually explicit text messages and photos with him, which were found  on VanWinkle’s phone. 

One student said she had a sexual relationship with VanWinkle when she was befriended by him and their relationship lasted well into the 2017 school year. However, the victim said she did not start having sex with VanWinkle until she turned 17.  

RRPD forensic detectives conducted a search of  VanWinkle's phone and determined VanWinkle was having sexual relations when she was 16-years-old. Court documents reveal that  the victim and VanWinkle would have sex in her car after debate matches.

To ensure a safe environment the school is encouraging students and faculty to report any possible wrongdoing or inappropriate behavior to school administration, use the Anonymous Alerts program or contact police. 

The Anonymous Alerts program allows students or parents to  submit  safety concerns quickly to school officials for prompt intervention.  All messages submitted remain completely anonymous.