Stuck house finally makes it to Lockhart

When the house turned onto Crockett Street in Lockhart Friday morning it wasn't greeted by the town's welcome wagon. There were, however, several curious new neighbors along the curb waiting for its arrival. One of those who came out, Fernando Gomez, had one word to described what he saw.


House mover Nicholas Morphis had a different word in mind: Herculean.

Some extra muscle was provided by a city crew that arrived with a backhoe. It was used to remove a street sign that blocked the final few steps in what had become an epic week long journey.

"If you are a problem solver this is a great business for you because you'll be challenged every day, if you're not, wrong business for ya," said Morphis.

The move has been like a Greek tragedy, an Odyssey plagued by a series of catastrophic events. It started last week when the house got stuck as it tried to leave its original location in south Austin.

After prying it free and resolving permitting issues the road trip got underway Thursday morning. Along the way a spotter on the roof was knocked down by a cable. Morphis tells FOX 7 his employee was not severely hurt and was released from the hospital. East of Buda several tires blew out along Hwy 21 forcing the house to be parked overnight.

When the journey continued Friday there was a close call involving powerlines. Sparks could be seen as the house slid under them. For the moving crew, they say it was one of the most difficult jobs they've ever had.

A foundation has to be built and then the owner will eventually repair it. While that may take time, the moving company plans to  make good on any kind of damage caused by bringing the house to Lockhart.

"Anything that's that's caused damages ... will be fixed and repaired as we go back to work our way back to each and everyone of you, if we don't get to you feel free to call my number .., we will be happy to take care of you," said Nicholas Morphis.

But that promise didn't make Tomma Clancy feel any better. The house Morphis parked across the street from her the duplex. She is in the process of moving out of and ironically she is moving into the same Austin neighborhood the house originally came from.

"It's almost like what, does this house have a message for me or something it's a little strange yes I have to find out the history of this home now," said Clancy.

That house has a twin in Austin and it's also going to be moved to Lockhart. Morphis says when that happens, the house will be cut into two pieces in order to make the trip less complicated.