Sunday's Hit and Run victim identified by police

The area around the 5900 block of Cameron road was canvassed Monday by Austin Police. They were looking for any security camera video that may help them locate a truck involved in Sunday's fatal hit and run of a 3 year old child. Doyle Chapman said he was asked about the cameras that monitor his business.

"We got them towards the lot, we didn't have anything at the road, so we called them back and told them, if we had some cameras at the traffic it would have worked out real good,” said Chapman.

Police say the work truck that left the scene Sunday was light in color and had a ladder hanging out of the back. It didn't leave much evidence behind for crime scene techs to process and trace.

"The information we have right now is that it could have been slow moving car that didn't see the child at the intersection by the witnesses,” said APD Spokesperson Ivan Ramos.

The Travis County Medical Examiner’s Office identified the 3 year old as Ethan Hernandez Maldonado. He died from blunt/head trauma and the incident was initially classified as Accidental. Detectives say the 3 year was legally in the cross walk - with his parents when he was hit.

"I just heard the family screaming, and I looked out the window,  I saw something happened, came outside, I saw them loading up the little boy inside the truck, to take him to the hospital,” said Tony Ancira who lives near the intersection.

The scene is a very busy and dangerous intersection especially during the morning and afternoon rush hours.

"It is something every day, the whole road is bad," said Chapman.

For Chapman and his employees- it’s not uncommon to hear the screeching of tires, shouts from angry commuters or watch people dashing across the roadway like this.

"It was a real good street until they decided to put in bicycle lanes on both sides and make it a two way lane. Since then it’s been a total disaster.

And a nightmare, for the family at this cross walk, Sunday afternoon.