Super Kooper on mission to give back to other kids fighting cancer

Strong is a good word to describe Kooper Hernandez. At 7, he just wrapped up his baseball season with the Georgetown Golden Nuggets as the most improved player. 

This time two years ago he was in no position to play any sports. Kooper took a small fall that caused a major break in his leg. The trip to the hospital for an x-ray turned into much more. The Hernandez family found out that Kooper had bone cancer in his leg and that in order to save his life doctors had to amputate.

When Kooper was in the hospital he loved his super heroes which earned him the nickname Super Kooper. 

His mom, Mindee, can be found on the sidelines of his games cheering and crying happy tears. 

"He never gives up. He shows me each day no matter how bad life is it can still be amazing," said Mindee, Kooper's mom. 

When Kooper goes to the plate to hit his dad, Jon, is standing nearby with his crutches. After Kooper hits the ball he hustles to his dad to get his crutches and then takes off down the first base line. 

"I did three good things. I caught the ball in mid air. I hit the ball and then I threw the ball to first base," explained Kooper about his season. 

Former UT Longhorn and LA Dodger draft pick Cooper Morgan is one of Kooper's friends and baseball heroes. The two have shared time on the field and even enjoy playing video games and nerf gun games. 

Now that this small super hero beat cancer he and his family are giving back to others. 

"It will make me feel good inside to help them," explained Kooper. 

"Our main goal with Super Kooper is to give back to the families and help everyone out," explained Hernandez. 

Mindee knows her son will continue to get stronger. 

"People know his life hasn't stopped. He may have one leg but he's amazing and a pretty awesome baseball player," said Hernandez. 

For more information about Super Kooper visit the non-profit's Facebook page.