Suspect dead after shootout with police in Round Rock

The suspect in an active shooter situation is dead after engaging in a gunfight with police in Round Rock.

The situation began around 12:30 Saturday afternoon in the area of Old Settlers Boulevard and Sam Bass Road.

In video from one witness, multiple gunshots rang out, followed by sirens. "I can't believe that much gunfire's exchanged," he can be heard saying in the video.

Police say it all started after a victim called 911 saying someone believed to be their neighbor shot them. Police then got a report that someone wearing a black trench coat, body armor, and carrying a rifle ran across Old Settlers Blvd.

Then, a fire department battalion chief reported seeing a suspect wearing camouflage hopping a fence at Behrens Ranch and Plantation. When officers responded, the suspect began firing at them and retreated to a wooded area between Camino Del Verde Place and Salorn Way. 

Multiple law enforcement agencies were helping. They brought in an armored vehicle and the suspect shot at that too as officers returned fire. "There were numerous shots fired by the deceased subject," Round Rock Police Chief Allen Banks said.

Police found the suspect in the dense woodline. Officers used less lethal rounds to see if he would respond. The suspect was found dead. It's not clear if he died from officers' gunfire or if he killed himself.

One officer did have a medical situation and is in stable condition at the hospital. All other officers are okay. The original victim has non-life-threatening injuries and is also in stable condition.

Neighbors were told to shelter-in-place. "It was scary, but there was such a large police presence," Keri Kilgore said.

Police have not identified the suspect yet, nor do they know what the motive may have been.

"The quick actions of these officers and other agencies that responded prevented potentially other victims due to this subject's actions," Banks said.

Neil Flinchbaugh and Kate Riha watched everything unfold on their Nest camera as they went for a walk. "I was glad we decided to go for a walk," Flinchbaugh said. "It seemed like there was a lot of police, and they were concerned, didn't know if they could tell where the guy was. It was kind of freaky."

"It kind of just felt surreal, I don't know that it's like kicked in yet, because it's so safe around here, it's just really unexpected, and a little concerning to see all that outside your house," Riha said.