Suspect in custody in connection to Liberty Hill shooting

A suspect is in custody in connection with a shooting in Liberty Hill in Williamson County and the lockdown has been lifted.

The all-clear was issued for the Santa Rita Ranch subdivision, but Williamson County Sheriff Robert Chody has warned residents that a gun or pistol and a black backpack are still being sought by police.

"We feel that the public is not in danger anymore with the exception of we don't have the gun," Chody said in a video update on Twitter. "We know there's a gun, but the suspect does not have the gun on him and he is not sharing any information."

Chody said that the suspect has been informed that he may face additional charges should something happen. The suspect reportedly has denied having a weapon, but Chody said that a .22 shell was recovered at the scene.

"We need all the people in Santa Rita to understand that even though the scene is being deemed clear, there is a possibility that there is a gun, pistol, in this neighborhood somewhere as well as a black backpack," Chody said. "If that is seen, please call 911."

He advised residents to talk with their children and keep an eye out for the items. Officers remain on scene searching the area for the gun and backpack and a canine search is underway.

In a press conference, Chody said that at roughly 12:55 p.m., the suspect went to a residence in the 9700 block of SH 29 and fired a shot at a resident, who reportedly did not know the suspect.

According to Chody, the suspect pulled up into a driveway, and the resident and his wife, after hearing a noise, went outside and asked the suspect what he wanted. The suspect reportedly said he did not want to be bothered and fired what officers believe was a .22 pistol at the residents when they attempted to approach him. The residents immediately called 911.

The suspect then reportedly fled the scene and into the Santa Rita Ranch neighborhood.

Officers locked down the area around 1:45 p.m. and searched vehicles leaving the neighborhood, Chody said. The suspect was later apprehended hiding in a residence he reportedly broke into.

Chody said that they were previously checking the area for a possible second suspect, but that they are now convinced there isn’t one.

A "soft lockdown" issued as a "precautionary measure" has also been lifted for all Liberty Hill ISD schools and LHISD will resume normal school activities and transportation operation at all campuses.