Suspected Buda 'tailgater' was worker who had wrong apartment: police

Buda police now say the man who was caught on camera allegedly following a resident to their home is actually innocent.  

Police originally said earlier this week a man followed a resident to their doorway and attempted to enter for unknown reasons, also known as "tailgating", but according to an update posted Friday night, it turns out that was far from the truth. 

Buda police now say they later learned that a construction crew had been working in an apartment above the one where the video was taken and the person in the video they posted was a member of the construction crew from a different site called in to help. 

When the worker arrived at the complex, he attempted to open the door of the apartment below the work site, found it was locked and realized he had the wrong apartment

Buda police say they were ultimately able to identify the person in the video and "determine he was not a threat to public safety."