Taste of Mexico event held to support Mexic-Arte Museum

You can celebrate the artistry and culinary innovation of Austin and Mexico during the Mexic-Arte Museum's Taste of Mexico.

The event helps support the museum's art education program and celebrates with food, music, and more. It collects the most inspired executions of Mexican cuisine from central Texas restaurants, food trucks, and vendors alongside a diverse bar of fine tequilas, mezcales, wines, beers, and other refreshing beverages.

This year's Taste of Mexico is exploring the influence of chilies and the vast variety of tastes, colors, and shapes that make up the dishes of Mexico.

Over the past 38 years, Mexic-Arte has empowered Austin youth through art education programs, family days, internships, tours, and the Screen It! Program, which introduces youth to basic screen printing techniques and careers in the art field.