Teen arrested for ramming patrol car while driving a stolen truck

Austin police say a teen driver rammed a patrol car Thursday afternoon injuring an officer. Officers say the teen was driving a stolen truck.

The owner of the truck, Lebi Cordero, says two young looking guys stole it while he was parked at a convenience store in North Austin.

"I was getting something to eat and one of the persons got into the truck. The other one came up to me and asked if they could borrow our cell phone and when we turned back to the truck it wasn't there anymore," said Cordero.

Cordero says the truck was equipped with GPS allowing police to know the whereabouts within minutes.

While investigating another crime, officers located the truck in the parking lot of Ruiz Library in East Austin.

"The truck ran directly at a high rate of speed toward one of the officers. The officer jumped out of the way. The suspect in the white F-150 made a right turn out of the parking lot and struck the library sign. He then backed out into a police car and ran over the hood of the car," said Officer Melvin Moreno.

Officer Melvin Moreno says the impact of the truck striking the patrol car injured the officer inside.

Despite the injury, Moreno says the officer continued on, pursuing the truck.

The driver, who officers would later determine to be 15, crashed into a curb, blowing out his tires. Officers say he was then arrested after a short foot pursuit. He will be charged with aggravated assault on a peace officer.

"If you intentionally ram an officer or anybody with a vehicle it's considered a deadly weapon," said Moreno.

The teen's accomplice got away. Cordero is thankful he got his truck back.

"They did a good job. It is appreciated. I am happy they found my tools and all my belongings. And that everything is fine," said Cordero.

The injured officer was taken to a hospital, but does not have life-threatening injuries.