Teen dies after car crashes into Dominos in Northwest Austin

Austin Police have identified the teen who was killed after his car crashed into a Dominos restaurant in Northwest Austin on Sunday.

Police said James Cloudt, 18, died at the scene of the crash early Sunday morning.

Austin-Travis County EMS were called to the Domino's at Steck and Mesa around 6:00 AM. Authorities have not yet released the cause of the crash.

The restaurant remains closed tonight and it's unclear when it will reopen.

A man in his 20's was killed after the car he was driving crashed head on into the Dominos at the intersection of Steck and Mesa just before 7:00 A.M. Sunday morning.

"I did hear the sirens before I left my home to go swim this morning." Nancy Suknaic, who lives in the neighborhood said, "I saw the paramedics and the fire truck here and I came around and went into the lot at Dominos and I saw the car and a victim."

Suknaic was getting ready for her Sunday workout when she came across a horrific scene. It wasn't until she saw the markings in the road and parking lot that she realized what happened in this otherwise quiet neighborhood.

"I just thought maybe there was a fire and the car was involved because the car was facing out towards Mesa. But then it became clear to me that most likely it was a car accident," she said.

Witnesses told Austin Police Officers a gray Honda was speeding towards the Dominos. Police said the driver of the car, who's identity has not yet been released, died on the scene.

"Oh, it's tragic. Especially on a Sunday morning, this is just a quiet neighborhood, lots of cyclists, lots of runners, lots of people out," Suknaic said.

No one else was hurt in the crash but the hearts of those who call this area home were heavy.

"It makes me very sad that a family has lost a loved one, friends are going to be grieving, it's tragic," Suknaic said.

APD said this is an on-going investigation and have not released how fast the car was traveling or the cause of the crash.