Teen stabbed in face with scissors while at school

A teenager is recovering after another student stabbed him in the face: with scissors on Monday. It happened in class at Connally High School.

It was a scary afternoon for Latonya McKinney. She got the alert of a violent fight being reported at her child's school.

“I'm checking on my child, I just came from the grocery store. There's more police than normal,” McKinney said.

Pflugerville ISD says two male students got into a fight inside one of the classrooms at Connally High School. One of the students took a pair of scissors and stabbed the other in the face.

“It's not fair that somebody can just decide, instead of hitting you, I'm going to literally attack you with school supplies,” McKinney said.

The victim was taken to a nearby hospital and is expected to be okay. Police took the suspect into custody shortly after. Although she found out her child is alright, McKinney feels for all the parents at Connally.

“That's somebody's child. There's a mother or a father who sent their kid to school today. You don't go around saying, "Is my child going to be injured today"? she said.

Pflugerville ISD police were not available for an interview, but Chief William Edwards told FOX 7, Pflugerville campus assaults are rare.

Parents like McKinney are hoping campus police always put student safety first.

“Rules have to change. Children have to just take responsibility for what they do,” she said.

In his message to parents, Connally Principal Kermit Ward said he is proud of the quick response by Pflugerville ISD police. He also assured parents that campus safety is their number one priority.