Terminal dog needs help checking off bucket list

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*UPDATE 6/19* Texas Humane Heroes says that Maddie has been adopted be the "perfect family". Maddie was adopted on June 17 but she still needs help finishing off her bucket list and maybe even adding more to it!

Maddie the dog needs some help checking off her ultimate wish on her bucket list.

Maddie currently lives at Texas Humane Heroes and was diagnosed with terminal cancer. The center says Maddie is still just a normal puppy who is affectionate, quirky and feels great! However, they know her time is limited and want to find her a forever home.

They created a bucket list to check off some of Maddie's wishes and she needs help completing it. 

She's already eaten Tex-Mex on a patio, had a puppachino, rocked a cool new hairdo and she's created a masterpiece!


Maddie still has a few more items to check off, including getting some Instagram fame and having a birthday party. The adoption center says her greatest wish of all though is to find a forever family. 

If you're interested in adopting Maddie you can call Texas Humane Heroes at 512-260-3602.