Tesla recalls Cybertrucks over faulty accelerator pedals

Repair centers, like one in northeast Austin, are where Tesla Cybertruck owners have to bring their vehicles after getting a notification letter. 

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration sent a notification letter to Tesla's California headquarters on Thursday, April 18.

The recall covers Cybertrucks built between Nov. 13, 2023, and April 4 of this year. The total number is noted as being 3,878 trucks, nearly all that have been built. 

It was triggered on March 13 when an owner notified Tesla about an acceleration problem. That problem was traced to Tesla’s assembly line. 

Investigators determined a lubricant, identified as soap, was applied by workers to help slip a foot pad onto the vehicle’s accelerator arm. It was noted that using soap was an unapproved change to the assembly process. 

The pad can slip off when pressed by the driver's foot. The pedal can get stuck in the interior trim, causing acceleration and increasing the risk of a crash. 

In the report, investigators said applying the brake pedal would cut the drive torque and would bring the vehicle to a stop. 

Tesla repair centers were to be alerted by Friday, April 19. Notification letters to owners are to be delivered by June, and repairs are to be done at no charge to the customer.


NHTSA was told as of April 17, Cybertrucks in production were equipped with a new accelerator pedal component. 

Vehicles at delivery centers, or in transit to those locations, will be repaired before being given to the new owners. According to the recall documents, as of April 15, the government and Tesla are not aware of any collisions, injuries or deaths related to this problem.

Just before the recall came out, Tesla employees in Sunday's layoff were notified their severance packages had to be adjusted. Some payments were too low, according to an email sent out by Elon Musk.