New Lockhart, Texas BBQ restaurant is all-female owned

A new barbecue restaurant is opening in the Barbecue Capital of Texas. Barbs B Q, an all-female owned restaurant, is opening in Lockhart on May 27.

"I feel like if we were going to open anywhere in Texas, it had to be in the most dramatic way and most disruptive way, like boom," Barbs B Q owner Chuck Charnichart said.

Charnichart, Alexis Tovias, and Haley Conlin are stepping into the ring with the big dogs, opening Barbs B Q in Lockhart.

"We wanted to do this, and we all just happen to be women," Conlin said. "We all want to work together, this is our friend group."

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The three women met working at a barbecue restaurant in Austin.

"After working in barbecue for two years, I knew that I wanted to focus on it as a career, and then I had a feeling that Haley and Alexis did too," Charnichart said. "I never really asked them but when it came down to asking them, it happened and we’re all here now."

Charnichart said the welcoming community is what brought them to the square in Lockhart.

"We got to know the community, and then they were really supportive about us and really pushed us to open here," Charnichart said. "That push got us here."

The owners said they want to bring something different to town.

"We’ve worked in not-so-great situations before," Conlin said. "We’re trying to cultivate a much happier, less toxic environment in barbecue."

The owners described their barbecue as traditional, but fresh and with new flavors.

"There’s a lot of flavors from South Texas and Central Texas, like all the meats are just real good," Charnichart said. "Central Texas style brisket, beef rib, if anything we have our lamb chops and turkey as well that has the Mediterranean, very herby taste, and our sides are very colorful and bright and not so heavy."


The grand opening is Saturday, May 27 from 11 a.m. until they sell out.

"We’re going to make a lot of food so we can hopefully go for a while," Conlin said.

Barbs B Q will be open every Saturday after the grand opening.