Texas family gets well installed, been without running water since 2018

The February winter storm showed us just what life would be like without running water for a few days, but the Solares family has been living without running water since 2018.

Shortly after they moved in, their well collapsed, leaving them to buy cases and cases of bottled water to get by. "We used to collect the rainwater for drinking and to do everything else," said Jorge Solares.

"We’ve been buying water to wash the dishes, to bathe, to do laundry so it’s been difficult for us," said Patricia Solares.

The family applied for the Water Well Trust program. With the help of Xylem, Bee Cave Drilling, and the Waterboys initiative, the Solares family can rest assured they will have access to one of life's most precious resources. The team is installing a brand well for the family.

"We had to drill them a new well, plug the old well and now we are installing a pumping system in that well. When the customer walks into the bathroom or kitchen to turn on the sink, the water is going to come out just like city water," said Jim Blair, president of Bee Cave Drilling.

"It’s just awesome to be able to make a difference in their lives. Mrs. Solares called us angels," said Susan O’Grady, director of marketing for Xylem.

The Solares family calls this a Christmas gift to remember. 

For the volunteers, they receive an even greater gift, the satisfaction of giving back. "Everyone deserves clean water, right? Everyone should have access to water. It makes life very hard when you don’t have that precious resource," said O’Grady.

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