Gov. Greg Abbott announces $874.6M for public safety initiatives

Governor Greg Abbott and others announced the transfer of more than $874.6 million to support critical public safety and recovery initiatives, such as border security and school safety, during the current biennium.

According to Abbott, the $874.6 million will be transferred to state agencies and programs for initiatives that include enhanced border security operations and school safety. The funding will provide:

  • $400 million to assist school districts in replacing or upgrading doors, windows, fencing, communications, and other safety measures
  • $15 million to assist in the construction of a new elementary school in Uvalde
  • $339 million to the Texas Military Department for continued border security activities related to Operation Lone Star
  • $20.6 million to support other state agencies under Operation Lone Star to continue responding to the border crisis
  • $100 million to the Texas Division of Emergency Management for COVID-19 response expenses.

The legislature will consider school safety issues, including additional school safety funding, during the next legislative session.

The Texas Department of Public Safety will continue to perform duties under Operation Lone Star using other agency funds to cover associated costs and will present any supplemental appropriations need to the legislature to consider during the next legislative session.