'Very large pig' barrels through Kingsland home, attacks family, returns multiple times

A woman says her family members are banged up and bruised after a "very large pig" attacked them. The family said the pig has come back several times.

"My grandma's being attacked by a random pig. Now my grandpa's being attacked," a 911 caller told dispatch on Monday.

Wendy Goldstein says the pig went after her daughter and disabled parents. She described the pig as 300 pounds, black and white spotted, and was foaming at the mouth. 

"My daughter got hurt out here, and then he barreled though, my mom wrestled with him at the doorway, tried to prevent him from coming in, he barreled on through, got ahold of my dad, my mom tried to lay on top of him to crunch him down until the cops got here to get him, he overpowered her and got on top of her. He had her flattened like an accordion," she said.

Later on, she says the owner came by to try to find his pig and threatened to shoot her parents if they shot the pig.

"What does he expect us to do, to sit there and let his pig maul us?" she said.

Tuesday, the pig was back. 

"I'm standing inside my parents' house with a hammer and knife trying to defend myself and defend my family at any cost. I shouldn't have to live like this," Goldstein said.

Goldstien says Animal Control did come out, but the pig ran off after being shot with a pepper ball. Later, it went after her boyfriend.

"My whole family's scared, they feel like they're prisoners in their own home, they can't go anywhere," she said.

When FOX 7 spoke to Goldstein, a Llano County deputy showed up. The deputy said she would check the area.

"I want justice is what I want. I want to know something is being done to the best of the ability of the law where nobody's being hurt," Goldstein said.

The Llano County Sheriff's Office told FOX 7 Austin Wednesday that the pig was returned to its owner, adding that:

"It is believed that owner has secured the pig's enclosure. There are not going to be any charges filed. The pig was not trying to attack anyone. It knocked a person down, and began acting like a dog will sometimes do on a person's leg. It wasn't being aggressive in a way that it was trying to hurt anyone."