Texas Longhorn football fans gear up for chilliest game of the season

The Texas Longhorns took on Texas Christian University Saturday night and the colder weather didn't mean any less energy from fans.

"We got a couple layers on, we're layered up, heck, we're going to be screaming so loud, we're not even going to feel the cold," Longhorn fan Logan Kuenstler said.

"I'm not worried about the cold. We have good energy, we've got long sleeves, and we're going to be jumping up and down ready to go," Longhorn fan Sophie Kuenstler said.

Logan says he's been a Longhorn fan his whole life.

"[I've gone to] every game this season. I've been going to every game since I was born honestly. My first game was actually this week in 1997," Logan said.

Kickoff was at 6:30 p.m. but many tailgaters were up 12 hours earlier.

"You got to have the whole game day experience," Logan said. "Going [until 11 p.m.] and everything afterward."

Third Eye Blind played the pre-game concert.

Some fans say they prefer the cold.

"This is like going to baseball games in February and so finally, we get a cool game. We've been waiting for this," Longhorn fan Eric Burns said. "It's going to be perfect tonight, good weather, good football, 105,000 people, we're ready to go."

The Longhorns' last home game of the season will be against Baylor on Nov. 25.