Texas man catches 9.5-foot tiger shark with the help of a drone

A San Antonio man used a drone in his battle against a 9.5-foot tiger shark over the weekend in Port Aransas, a Texas beach town about 20 miles east of Corpus Christi.

Michael Ploch told My San Antonio that he used a drone to drop his baited hook into the ocean hundreds of yards offshore. 

Once he hooked the beast, he ran his rod down to the beach and reeled it in for two hours.

"It was exhausting but exciting to catch one of my bucket list sharks," Ploch told My San Antonio. "I have been saltwater fishing for the last five years, but have been grateful to learn a lot of pointers from local fishermen that helped me land this fish."

Video of the catch shows Ploch posing with the shark on the beach with his friend, Patrick Reyes. 

Ploch measured the shark at 9.5 feet before releasing it. 

Tiger sharks can be found up and down the East Coast from the Gulf of Mexico to Cape Cod, Massachusetts, though they generally prefer warmer waters, according to the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration. 

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