Texas State Senator attorney's: "Schwertner did not send inappropriate texts"

A Texas State Senator is accused of sending inappropriate text messages to a UT student. But, according to Charles Shwertner's attorney's: he denies the allegations.

Senator Charles Schwertner is an orthopedic surgeon from Georgetown first elected to the house in 2010 and to the senate in 2012. He received his bachelor of science from UT and is up for re-election in November. The allegations sparked in a story from the Austin Statesman Tuesday.

Wednesday Schwertner hired attorney's Perry and David Minton to investigate the matter they released a statement stating: "We have spent hours with Senator Schwertner and others regarding these claims. Senator Schwertner did not send any inappropriate texts as alleged. Period.

The Senator is devastated over these allegations and is concerned for the unnamed victim. We are in contact the University of Texas to resolve this matter. Our statements regarding the Senator will be proven in the days and weeks to come. Until then, Senator Schwertner deserves the courtesy of holding judgment until he is afforded the opportunity for a fair process to occur."

Gary Susswein, UT Spokesman said he cannot confirm the story.

“In order to protect the integrity of the investigative process, the university does not discuss ongoing investigations. The University of Texas takes all allegations of wrongdoing seriously and encourages members of the campus community to report them immediately,” Susswein said.

Texas Lt. Governor Dan Paxton also weighed in in on the investigation.

"I had no advance knowledge of the inquiry until I read about it in the news report," Paxton said in a statement. "I was also concerned yesterday to see that numerous University of Texas officials spoke to the media, potentially jeopardizing the integrity of a serious investigation. I am calling on the university to complete their inquiry in a professional manner, protecting the privacy rights of both parties. The Texas Senate is awaiting the conclusion of the investigation and expects a full report on this matter."