Texas State student robbed and assaulted at gunpoint

Texas State University freshman Alexa Ramirez is a little uneasy after getting an alert from her school about a Sunday night armed robbery on campus.

"Yeah it's kind of making me think twice about walking alone at night," Ramirez said.

According to University Police, it happened around 11:30 Sunday night.

A Texas State student was walking in what's called "the quad" between Evans and Flowers Hall when four young men in their late teens approached him.  Two of them pulled out handguns and told him to empty his pockets.  At some point the four young men assaulted the student. Sgt. Alex Villalobos isn't sure what led to the assault.

"We just know at this point he sustained some minor injuries, was treated on scene and was released," Villalobos said.

Villalobos said a security guard saw the incident and called police.

"I believe [the guard] hindered any further injury or any further incident to happen with that particular student," he said.

The suspects were last seen headed down LBJ toward downtown. University Police say they're described as two white males and two Hispanic males, all with a slim build and blue jeans

One young man wore a green jacket with a white beanie. Another wore a white sweater with diamond line patterns. A third suspect wore a blue windbreaker with a gray beanie.

"There was a fourth person, a male subject. But we didn't receive an actionable description," Villalobos said.

According to Texas State crime statistics there were two on-campus robberies in 2014, three in 2013 and zero in 2012.

There were 37 burglaries reported on campus last year, 32 in 2013 and 41 in 2012.

Villalobos views this incident as isolated but police are increasing their presence on campus in response.

"We'll be very visible just to see if we can ascertain any information that may come out as far as our contacts throughout the day," he said.

We asked Ramirez if she feels safe on campus.

"Not as much.  Because 4 guys against one person, that's scary," she said.

She's going to change her routine a bit.

"Maybe try and walk with more people or do things earlier during daylight," she said.

"Walk in groups, when you're traveling, walk with as [few] distractions as you possibly can so you can use your senses, your eyesight, your hearing," Villalobos said.

Of course if you have any idea who the young men are, call University Police.