Texas students surprise favorite teacher with Air Jordans

A sociology teacher in Texas received a sweet surprise from his students, and his reaction was captured on camera. 

Bob Dunton, a sociology teacher at Franklin High School in Franklin, loves sneakers, according to Nathan Neria. Nathan and his classmates decided to surprise Bob with a new pair of Air Jordans since he is their favorite teacher. 

All the students pitched in to purchase the Nike shoes, according to Nathan.

On Monday, December 6, the students surprised Bob with his gift. In the video Nathan shared on Instagram, Bob can be seen unwrapping his video and opening the box at his desk in the classroom. 

"No, you’re lying," Dunton says as he sees the shoes. "You did not. Are you serious?" After checking the tag inside a shoe, he then says with a smile, "Who peeked inside my shoes to know what size I was?"

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