Texas Supreme Court Justice named candidate for US Supreme Court open seat by Trump

Donald Trump has released his short list of candidates for the open seat on the US Supreme Court, and a Texas Justice is one of them. This despite the justice appearing to be skeptical and mocking the GOP front-runner on social media.      

It’s a move many Texas politicians are on board with. Kent Grusendorf is a Former Texas House Representative.

“I think it's a really good move on Trump's part to include people like Don Willett on that list. Don Willet, a Texas Supreme Court Justice is one of the 11 candidates Trump has chosen for the open seat. “He's really a smart guy, solid conservative, a no-nonsense conservative. He's a really solid choice for a member of the Supreme Court,” Grusendorf said.

Willett has been a justice since 2005 when he was appointed and has since been re-elected twice. Current House Representatives are on board with this move by Trump as well. “I guess that shows that he's getting to be a very wise man.” Bill Zedler represents District 96, “I think what that shows he is looking for candidates for the Supreme Court that will fight for the Constitution, that believe in the Constitution That's a very important point and will not simply decide to create law out of nothing,” he said.

Justice Willett has been open on his feelings about Trump through social media. Last year he posted a tweet that said "Donald Trump haiku - Who would the Donald name to #scotus? The mind reels.*weeps-can't finish tweet.*” Just last month he posted this tweet mocking "Darth Trump” that said "We'll rebuild the Death Star. It'll be amazing, believe me. And the rebels will pay for it."

As of Wednesday, Willett said he had no comment yet as to the nod from Trump.

While both Grusendorf and Zedler said they are openly supporting Trump in the election, they said he needs to surround himself with the right people and this is a move in that direction. “I think he needs to send some good signals like this that he wants to consider people like Don Willett on the U.S. Supreme Court. I think that's a really good signal and makes a lot of people comfortable,” Grusendorf said.