‘The Masked Singer’: Dalmatian loses spot after ‘ruff’ performance

It’s only the second week of "The Masked Singer," and the show is already getting doggone good.

The Dalmatian showed off his swagger and rap abilities, but the pup was ultimately eliminated from the show and sent back to the dog house. 

While viewers questioned whether the dog rocking a sports jersey and helmet would be revealed as a football player, the Dalmatian turned out to be multi-platform rapper Tyga. 

"It’s a lot harder than it looks," Tyga, 31, revealed. "It’s like fun watching it on TV, but when you’re in the suit, it’s hot, there’s no auto-tunes, so it’s just your raw voice."



Tyga revealed he has worked with panelist Robin Thicke previously, so he strategically tried to disguise his voice.

"Strategy-wise, I kind of lowered my tone a little bit," the rapper said. "I’ve done songs with Robin Thicke before, so I figured he’d know exactly who I am once he heard me so I kinda tried to sound like Snoop a little bit." 

Several clues led up to the reveal including a famous painting titled "The Scream," which represented the TV series which Tyga acted in.

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"That was my first time ever performing with a costume or a mask on, and the crowd not knowing who I am, so it was pretty fun," Tyga shared. "Being on ‘The Masked Singer’ was definitely a big leap for me, because I like to try things that are out of my comfort zone, and performing as a dog is definitely something I can scratch off my bucket list." 

And this isn’t the first time an adorable pup has competed. Last season, the Bulldog — the third wild card competitor of the season — turned out to be Nick Cannon, who has hosted the show since its first season.

Cannon said he empathized with previous contestants after getting a first-hand experience being one himself.

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I know what they’re going through," Cannon revealed. "Until you actually get in there and you’re drenched with sweat and you can’t wipe your eyes but still having to get the best performance you possibly can, crazy."

Group A will return next week, and another wildcard will enter the game in the house party-themed all-new "The Masked Singer."

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