This woman's tweets show just how the reality of the Dallas police shooting sank in

Late Thursday night, 11 police officers were shot and 4 were killed in a "sniper-style ambush" during a Black Lives Matter protest in Dallas, according to authorities.

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For those at the scene, the terror is unimaginable. But for those nearby, the reality of what was unfolding perhaps just blocks away or on the other side of the city slowly began to rear its head.

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Allison Griz was one of those people unsure of what was transpiring just outside her window. She shared her reactions on Twitter and they paint the grim reality of what we would all come to learn.

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She hears the first shots.

Allison then posts a video as shots ring out from the street.

Reality sets in and the fear builds.

Emotion takes over.

Speculation ensues. 

Then we get a glimpse in to the tragedy from her perspective.