Thousands across nation join March for Our Lives movement

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Thousands of local demonstrators marched up Congress Avenue Saturday afternoon, as part of the 'March for Our Lives" rally. Students and activists are calling on legislators to take action on gun reform.

The march started at Austin City Hall from there, demonstrators made their way to the capitol.

Students joined adults and educators with a clear message.

"We are students we don't want to be exposed to violence. We just want to feel safe when we go to school. We want stricter gun reform," said Petra Hisa.

The movement comes after the Parkland Florida School shooting that left 17 people dead.

23 students from Katherine Ann School traveled from Wimberley to rally. Hannah Sher a teacher at KAS said the students volunteered to participate in the march about a month ago and couldn’t be more proud to see them exercise their freedom of speech.

"Our students deserve to feel safe in their schools in their classrooms they shouldn't have to worry their parents shouldn't have to worry teachers should not be ready to put their lives on the line at any instant we shouldn't be doing lockdown drills and teaching them how to hide from a gun what to do if someone comes in with a gun at our school," Sher said.

Many protesters held signs and chanted messages asking for change and safer schools. "It's very important, I like to have my children attend school safely," said Kaycee Crisp, who attended the rally on Saturday.

Anne Bayerkohler said she was compelled to join the movement.

"I'm lucky enough that both of my children are alive I think it's unfair that there are lots of parents including Parkland parents whose children can't be here today," said Bayerkohler.